The iOS 10 version will be released on June 13, the date on which begin conferences for development list in which Apple will present new functions and features of its operating systems: iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS.

The talk about different concepts of how could the iOs 10 could be better has been going on several months now. Many of them do not make sense yet there are others that show us some new features that allow us to enjoy our iPhone otherwise, adding a plus productivity, visual improvements …


Today, there is a concept of iOS 10 created by Brazilian magazine iHelpBR that surfaced on the web, just images that show interesting features. On the one hand we find the possibility of adding a mode / dark theme, so that all funds menu settings, applications and 3D menus Touch change the color white for the black. This dark matter could also be used by third party applications through the API that would offer Apple developers.

The designer of this concept, iHelpBR’s also offers a new feature that will only be available in 5.5-inch iPhone, we’re talking Split Screen, the function which allows us to open two applications at once on the screen when we have the iPad horizontally, which it is already available from iOS 9. But imagine made, this designer also claims that Apple could also add PiP, Picture in Picture, although it is unlikely due to the size of the device screen.

iOS-10-concept-iHelpBR-iPhone-screenshot-002OS X offers since 2014 a dark mode, a theme that was released with OS X Yosemite. This theme changes the color of the top menu bar, dock and system menus. It has always been a highly desired feature for all iOS users.

[Source: iHelpBR (Google Translate)]

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