iOS devices dominate mobile search and Google Wi-Fi usage at airports


The brand new Google worker and former reputable FTC (Federal Change Fee) Suzanne Michel has knowledgeable a number of days sooner than the Senate Judiciary Committer that Google must have one thing to supply Apple to be the usual engine in iOS.For the three large search engine large Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will combat sooner or later round this location.


For while she has continued her presentation stated that two thirds of mobile Google search of iOS devices come.The fact is rather embarrassing for the group, because Google has integrated its search engine from the start in the mobile operating system Android.


The iOS devices are responsible not only for the highest traffic to Google's search engine, but dominate with 83 percent also use the WLAN within several airports.This information comes directly from Boeing and the iOS device to represent a huge share of the wireless traffic.Android devices have their market share more than tripled since 2010, yet they are only up to fourth place far behind the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices.


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