When can I download and install iOS 9?
The release of iOS 9 is in the fall, an exact date, Apple has not yet been announced. Even now there is a trial, but it is only available to registered developers.In July there will be a public beta of iOS 9, for the program itself, anyone can sign up.

Warning: We recommend that you install this beta version only on your secondary devices. A Beta versions are always reliable …

iOS 9 runs on the iPhone 4S or later, on the iPad 2 or later, or on the iPad mini 1st generation or later, as well as on the iPod touch 5th generation. However, not all functions can be used on all devices. The detailed list see 9 Compatibility with iOS.

How to be prepared  before iOS 9 Download and installation?

A backup as a safety measure in case something does not work smoothly, should be carried out in any case in advance. As a rule, however, everything runs smoothly.


In addition, you need enough free space on your iOS device. The download size is device dependent – for the iPhone 5s fell on iOS 5.8 GB to 8 proud. For iOS 9 Apple wants the size but have greatly reduced.

A good internet connection and a charging cable for the power supply is necessary, you should also schedule 9, in which the iPhone can not be used for some time for the download and installation of iOS.

iOS 9 there will be on iTunes and the iOS software update, the download is free. The Apple servers and networks are expected in the release are reaching their limits. So please do not be surprised if downloading iOS 9 takes a long time and / or error messages. One or two days later, it will go much faster. Even with the release of iOS 9-beta could lead to delays.

You need the latest version of iOS 9 can download and install via iTunes.

  • Put the iPhone / iPad to your computer and go into iTunes.
  • Choose from the device and click “Check for Update”.

Note that installation may take half an hour or longer, and in between the iOS screen be black. Not panic, and do not disconnect the cable!

iOS 9 download and install directly to the iPhone

Alternatively, the download of 9 iOS directly on the iPhone is possible.

  • Complete iPhone / iPad to a power source.
  • Go to the Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Now select the installation of iOS 9.0.


Anyone who wants to download the beta of iOS 9, can already slowly open spaces even a few gigabytes of storage. All the others have still a few months …

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