iOS 9: Everything we know so far


wwdc15Only one month left before the WWDC 2015, we have come up with everything we know so far about the iOS 9 that Apple will introduced at the event. For now, the company has no new advance or little information has leaked. Now, as every year, we have all kinds of material and the contributions of tweaks (Cydia) and based on rumors concepts. These concepts could certainly bring a lot to the iPhone and iPad devices with iOS in September.

Although as usual, rumors have been expected and it is possible to know some features that iOS 9 is to be surprised this time. Siri changes, new themes with new colors and improved safety are three key developments with which Apple revitalize your new software update.

And the fast-paced versions of iOS added new features in each release, has been counterproductive in the overall performance of previous operating systems, which have suffered in the execution of some tasks causing failure and unexpected closures of applications or failures of coverage.

Quick Access
This concept shows a screen more comprehensive than the current release. As we can see, the screen would unlock access to reminders, notifications and missed calls in divided sections, allowing them to interact well as new options. Among others, we could respond directly returning a missed call or sending a message. Moreover, discard notifications are also greatly simplified.

Search history and settings
Within the Settings menu, we propose that iOS nine incorporate a search engine. Thus, if you’re trying to change your password, it would be as easy as typing “password” and the iPhone or iPad you would, by itself, directly to this setting. Moreover, another good idea is proposed in the concept would be to include a history of changed settings. Did you change the password yesterday? This and other details would come here reflected as a reminder, so that we can undo the change, or view the logs and discard the information that they want to maintain.

Colored interface and night mode
Can I customize an iPhone? Yes, but with great limitations, unlike Android which allow a simple “launcher”. Now, with iOS in September, according to this concept-could choose a color for the details of the interface, such as buttons or notifications panel and other sections of the operating system. Moreover, with the intention to save battery and allow better visibility at night or in areas with low light, IOS 9 could activate the “night mode”, with high contrast and predominantly black as background.

Improved multitasking
The current version, and earlier, incorporate multitasking functions to navigate between open applications in the background and close them, among other options. With this concept in September iOS multitasking goes far beyond also access from here to the settings for each application and checks on the privacy allowing, as is the management of permissions. In addition, multitasking allow us to finally close all open applications in the background at once, without having to go one by one.


iOS 9 Released

The next conference Apple held will be held from the 8th to 12th June and as at other times, it is likely that the guys at Cupertino will continue the tradition of every year, conducting his famous keynote on the first day event. Although his presentation will be during this keynote, the final version of the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9 arrive in September with the new iPhone, possibly the iPhone 6s. Regardless, during the three-month waiting period between the keynote presentation and its output to the general public, we can see the different beta versions of the next update of Apple’s mobile operating system.i

iOS  9 Compatibility

If we consider that two years Apple makes stop to support the iPhone 3GS with the arrival of iOS 7 and the iPhone 4 I stopped having support with the arrival of iOS in August last year, the most logical thing is that in this new update the iPhone 4S is the next device along with the iPad 2, no more support for the new software update for Apple mobile devices.

Apple Watch-based interface
Cydia tweaks already allow it, but Apple could offer officially Watch interface for Apple iPhone as an option. Thus, the user would have all its applications in a circular floating icons. To taste, colors. But certainly fit in with the initiative taken with Apple Watch, though perhaps little would fit large screens such as riding and the iPhone.

Intelligent mode for music “dream”
Have you slept? This is what you ask Siri, automatically, every five songs when you activate the “night mode”. So, if you do not answer, automatically playing music will be disabled. If not active night mode, of course, will not ask Siri anything at all. A good idea for those who love to go to sleep while listening to music, but do not want to keep the phone and all night.

There is nothing new that Apple is making great economic as well as development-level efforts to improve Beats Music and streaming music service, something that the Cupertino are betting heavily. Some see this service as a kind of Google Play Music for iOS, but instead of being made by Google, made by Apple.

Widgets, the unfinished business from Apple
The IOS included eight, yes, but they are reduced to a minimum operating system space. Users still demanding an interesting concept that would include widgets on the lock screen, and Android, and in the same way would also be included in the application drawer. For example, to the music player, or time applications among others.

Settings on the Home button
The Home button on the iPhone, after a period of use, just wear out. Moreover, it is certainly more comfortable “touch” that “pressing”. When you double tap on the iPhone 6, the interface is set to reach the most remote areas. Following this concept, a unique twist equivalent to a touch, while the same would happen with two taps with respect to the current functions of two presses. This can already do thanks to jailbreak.

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