iOS 9 To Be Force Touch Ready For iPhone 6s



Recently,  we heard that iOS 9 will bring several new features and now 9to5Mac adds that the Force touch is in Apple projects for its upcoming iPhone 6S. Remember that the Touch Force has the distinction of recognizing the pressure on the screen – as is the case with Apple Watch or with the latest MacBook Pro and Macbook. The site also explains that iMessage receive improvements as well as native iOS keyboard.

If Apple started to use the Force Touch with the latest Mac, and Apple Watch, it seems clear that the future iPhone / iPad could also benefit from this technology. On the latter, the Force Touch interest would facilitate interaction with the system such as adding a new event in the calendar at the touch, and to control music, and more. If Apple then opens API to developers Force Touch, this would enable them to make real changes in their applications and how we use them today.


Moreover, Apple working on a new version of iMessage where it would be possible to choose whether to enable delivery reports in individual cases. The keyboard also receive an update with a possible new Shift key (upper case) to better make the difference in the use of capital in locked mode.

In addition to these new features, iOS 9 also mark the arrival of Apple Pay in Canada, according to sources of the site. The service could emerge from the official release of iOS current 9 September – as he said in mid-month Pay Apple in Canada, it was not until November!

For other announcements about iOS and OS X 9 10.11, it’s here: The Philadelphia 9 on iOS and OS X Yosemite 10.11 before the WWDC 2015. We must therefore wait developer conference to be held from 8 to 12 June for more and especially to see what is real or not.

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