iOS 9 was submitted less than 24 hours ago and now it’s time to start experimenting with the new mobile operating system from Apple. Since yesterday and over the next few days we will begin to find new features that Apple did not comment at WWDC, especially the speed with which he presented El Capitan OS X and iOS in September.

In this article we will discuss some features that we might call “hidden”. And it is not there to do anything special to use them, if we do not we can not realize that they are or are a gesture to appear, as in the case of search settings.

Battery Saving mode


A novelty that is very welcome is the low-power mode. It is said that putting the iPhone with the screen down, the screen automatically turns off. What made using ambient light sensors and proximity, but honestly, I have not yet succeeded. It is what has to be a rookie.

The operation under normal consumption is not very hidden. We have a new menu in the settings called “Battery”. By accessing Battery we than it was before the General menu / Use, where we can see the battery consumption in use and at rest. It has also added the option to show battery percentage (in the new menu) and can activate saving mode. This mode will reduce things like performance and connections. Curiously, now at low battery 20% asks us if we want to save mode.

iCloud Drive app


It was time! Apple has taken a year to launch. Not much to say about this application. It will serve to browse our files iCloud Drive. Nothing more to activate the iPhone asks us if we want to add the SpringBoard or not. We also have the possibility to add it later in Settings / iCloud / iCloud Drive

Search in Settings app


How often have we been looking for that playful setting is hidden and can not find? It seems silly, but there are some options within settings do not usually use ever … until we looked and we do not find her. The solution was as simple as adding search settings.

Shift Key


In iOS 8 when we capitalization active color changes us the Shift key. I always wrote to know how it was at that time the keyboard but it will not be necessary in iOS 9. Now, as you can see in the GIF, the keypad displays the uppercase or lowercase depending on how it is at that time.

Scrubber in Photos app


iOS 9 is an accumulation of small details. Now, when we are in the Photos app under we can see some thumbnails of your images. If we have good view, we can even look at the miniatures and see more photos. I do not mean to look at the photos from the thumbnails, I’m not so crazy, I mean, at a glance we can see more photos and navigate quickly between them.

Back to Search/Back to App


As I just said, iOS 9 includes many small details. Another such detail what you see in the picture above. When you open an application from another, we are an option to return to the first will appear. It is a way of not having to be home by pressing the button all the time.

Add Mail Attachment


You may not be relevant to many users who prefer to choose the files you have on our iPhone, but that Apple does not allow it (safety reasons, like it or not). As a lesser evil, we can now attach files we have in iCloud Drive. That’s something.

Redesigned Siri


Now Siri is more like Apple Watch. Not a very sudden change, but I also like more. Before there was a line and now colors look. And now it vibrates when we call.

Side Switch


IOS 9 now we can choose whether the side switch mutes the iPhone or blocks rotation screen as has always been in the iPad.

Passcodes are now 6 digits instead of 4

ios-9-password-optionsFor if a 4-digit PIN you think little, now have the option of using a 6-digit code. It is a code halfway between the alphanumeric and PIN lifetime.

Select multiple photos

It is not a novelty, at least for now, that offer anything better or worse beyond visual change. I think it’s nice that iOS 8, but it could use more if applications, so we could see without scrolling between them got together a little more. Curiously, now the SpringBoard is right.

Group Notifications by App


How many times have received several notifications WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and have had dozens of notifications in your Notification Center? Surely many. Now we can group application notifications.

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