ios 9 update

ios 9 updateWhat to know many OS X users for years, Apple will also allow iOS 9: The install updates automatically when the iPhone or iPad are not used, as in the night.

Under the currently taking place in San Francisco Worldwide Developers Conference continue to enter new information about Apple’s upcoming operating systems to light.

A detail that was AppleInsider noticed and was mentioned as part of a WWDC session, is the new update mechanism in iOS. 9

Apple will therefore in the coming iOS version change update notifications. A small pop-up allows the user, among other things, the direct installation of the update. Alternatively, it may, as already known from OS X, move the installation to a later date. Another option is to display the update details.

Moves the user to install, this will take place only at a point in time when the device is not needed, for example at night.

How this will actually look like in iOS 9, is not yet known. On the desktop, the updates are installed, for example 2:00 to 5:00 clock in the night. The machine starts possibly new, but previously stores the current status and invites these after the restart. This is to ensure that all applications are back on the same page if the user uses the Mac again. A similar behavior is also expected for iOS 9.

Apple hopes the fact that many users so keep your equipment up to date. With iOS 8 there were problems for many users, because the storage requirements of the updates required approximately 4.6 GB.

Apple had promised during the keynote, that this will not be repeated with iOS 9 and said that the expected for the fall update will require only about 1.3 GB. At the same time the company from Cupertino offers its developers with the new iOS version diverse ways to reduce the size of their apps.

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