iOS-VS-AndroidAnalyst from released firm a new report showing the development of the operating system market . The trend of the previous month remained , and iOS is still gaining share , unlike Android. BlackBerry market share has also continued to fall.

According to statistics, 159.8 million U.S. residents use smartphones by the end of January , which is 7 % more than in October this year .

Android’s share in the first quarter in the U.S. declined by 0.5 %, while Apple gained 1% , achieving a market share of 41.6 %. Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones lost three months of 0.5% and stood at 3.1 % , while the share of Microsoft- OS remains the same – 3.2%.


As for smartphone manufacturers , the most popular in the U.S. market appeared brand Apple, followed by Samsung. Two leaders of the market occupied respectively 41.6% and 26.7 %, the South Korean manufacturer in the last three months of 2013 added 1.3 %, and the Corporation of Cupertino – 1%.


ComScore analysts also affected the balance of power in the market for mobile applications. According to the research , Facebook in September acquired 77.6 % of mobile devices on iOS and Android. Following are Google Play, YouTube and Google Search with figures of 52.4 % , 49.7% and 48.9 %, respectively.

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