iOS is still the main operating system for developers of applications , it outperforms its main competitor Android. Such data come from Forrester company, which polled 1,600 programmers in the United States and Europe.

Despite the prevalence of devices on Android, the mobile operating system of Apple keeps the palm of developers. According to the study, more than a third (35 %) of respondents said the iPhone as a highest priority device for creating software. The share of adherents Google- OS was less than a third – 27 %. If we compare these figures with last year’s figures another research firm , Flurry, you can see how the priority of Android environment is gradually increasing, due to the greater proportion of  in the world .

One of the reasons why programmers prefer iOS, has been named a convenient and profitable monetization model . Development on Android is also usually requires more time-consuming because of the fragmentation of the platform : a variety of devices , many current versions of operating systems and screen sizes.

As for the development for the tablet , the iPad , and then preferable to a ” tablet ” on Android. 27% of respondents said the iPad as a first priority device .  Microsoft Windows RT Operating System,  application developers have ignored it altogether.


Examples of the most well-liked products and services created for iPhone, can function a Vine or Instagram. Each functions at the moment are on hand for iOS and Android, however actively created and developed it within the ” Apple” of the ecosystem.

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