iOS Multitasking Interface: How to get a job when no jobs but ideas and daring?


How you can get a job when no jobs however ideas and daring? Simply discover a strong and sturdy as Apple in Cupertino and advise some enhancements in cosmetics for its merchandise. It has had the unique thought Sheep Marc by way of figuring out to supply a new manner to regulate multi-tasking on the iPad . The concept of job search is fascinating.

Please-apple-give-me-a-job (1)

Since iOS 4 (iOS 4.2 for iPad), multitasking is built on iDevices. In principle, applications do not close completely when you switch to another. They are kept in memory with all their parameters. The interface then allows 'switch' between applications. But admittedly, the interface integrated with IOS is not perfect and the iPad inherited the gestures of the iPhone designed for a small screen. With 9.7 inches of the shelf, things can be seen differently.

Marc Sheep has mounted a small video clip named "New Interface for Multitask IOS." This is his vision on the subject in which he presents a new way to manage multitasking and finally he added: "Please Apple, give me a job! ". 
Now he just hope that the giant Californian will be attracted by the proposal or may be by the initiative of the young job seeker …


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