iOS 9 offers many new features that are not yet explicitly advertises Apple due to the abundance in advance. This includes long-awaited features of the Mail app in iOS send 9. More than five photos at a time, any mail attachments? Everything now possible.

The already accessible for developers since the WWDC 2015 first beta version of iOS for iPhone and iPad 9 revealed successively more, but so far unknown functions. Even Mail in iOS 9 wins so on format and cancels all previous limitations.

iOS 9  Photo app: Delivery of more than 5 photos available

Officially, the Mail app from Apple only deal with a maximum of five photos. In iOS 9 this restriction no longer applies. Inside the photo app, we can now select as many photos and send to the default mail app also – provided that the mail server can actually deal with the respective amount of data.

Any attachments in iOS 9

In iOS 9 can now be any types of attachments, and send secure files. Likewise falls another limitation. With Mail in iOS we have been unable to secure any type Appendix send respectively. In iOS 9 this will be possible. In the options for the sharing of attachments found in iOS 9 precisely that ability to back up directly. Either in iCloud Drive or even desire as for example in Dropbox or Google Drive.

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