iOS 9 picture-in-picture hack allow to demo Doom game



Earlier today, we published an article about NanoFlappy, a clone of the developer Flappy Bird Samza Hood managed to bring to Apple Watch. We also said we play a game so complicated and covering the screen or using the Digital Crown in wearable made little sense beyond demonstrating what can be done. Now, Adam Bell has hacked the legendary game Doom and picture-in-picture so you can see a demo of the FPS in a floating window in the iPad version of iOS in September.

As you know, Apple picture-in-picture adds a floating window that is always visible to watch a video while doing other tasks. Personally, I do not like the idea of ​​watching a video while I devote myself to something else because I lose or video or will be less productive in my other work, but it is a new option and the options are never bad.

This hack is again a demonstration of what can be done with the news that Apple has included in IOS 9 but, let the expression, for everything else, this hack is a big WTF. What does having a game that plays himself floating on the screen of your iPad? If we can not play! ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ I would like to clarify that, out of jokes, are important feats for what they mean, not for what you get.

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