Apple has simply made on hand to builders IOS GM four.1, Working Device software iPhone and iPod Contact

The firmware four.1 has the construct 8B117 and IOS SDK four.1 has construct 10M2309


Well, IOS 4.1 includes the fix to the problem with the proximity sensor and Bluetooth. And also has been optimized to improve performance in the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G

This update corrects problems with proximity sensors, bluetooth and improves performance on the iPhone 3G.

It also provides photo management HDR (High Dynamic Range). It is an image combining images in three different types of exposure: a dark light, normal and overexposed, which will give a better picture by highlighting certain elements in the photos.

Finally iOS 4.1 Active Game Center, the new social network for gamers.

Download iOS 4.1 GM Build and SDK

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