After iOS 9 is revealed in several new keyboard on the iPad and iPhone, the firmware currently in beta 1 among developers deliver new information about the alleged “iPad Pro”. Steve Troughton Smith developer discovered that the keyboard is bigger and wider, with new buttons and a new line of symbols that are usually accessible through specific key combinations.

Note the presence of an extra row on top of the keyboard offering symbols such as @, #, $,%, ^, &, * and others. And the two lock keys Tab and Caps Lock are commonly found on physical keyboards.

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The picture shared the developer (above), shows much larger digital keys (primarily Shift) and also has a new line of touch keys on top of the keyboard, where symbols and numbers are.

For months it has been rumored that there is a larger iPad, near 13 inches long diagonally. The iPad, which is speculated –one would have two USB ports and one Type C Lightning– would be dedicated to professionals seeking a touchpad to work, portability and a larger screen than the current iPad.

Some reports say the iPad will Force Touch Pro technology, already present on the screen smart Apple Watch  Apple will announce this fall. As always, being mere speculation, Apple prefers to remain silent and not give feedback to confirm – or deny – the existence of the tablet.

According to some reliable sources, said that Apple may launch iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch screen, on which it would be impossible to find a magnetized mobile physical keyboard, like the Microsoft Surface.

Although we do not have conclusive evidence at the moment, these new findings can add fuel to the fire of rumors. And if not, why Apple would have included this keyboard? Certainly not to fuel the rumors. It may be that this XXL Apple tablet is born by the end of the year, some speculators believe rather well informed.

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