iOS Trojan: Ace Deceiver Inject Malware To Devices Without Jailbreak



Saying the iOS devices are safe and one of the main reasons is a closed operating system. Most security problems affecting an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices for the one who have done the Jailbreak,  by doing so, there is an open a gateway to such issues. But those who are against the Jailbreak for safety have to know that no system is 100% safe, as there is a new Trojan called AceDeceiver affecting Chinese users although they have not perform the Jailbreak on the iOS devices.

The malware has been discovered by Palo Alto Networks and is affecting residents now users in China. AceDeceiver infects iOS devices taking advantage failures FairPlay, Apple’s DRM system. According Palo Alto Networks, the Trojan uses a technique called “FairPlay Man-in-the-Middle” that has been used in the roast to install pirated software applications using fake iTunes.

They then developed PC software that simulates the iTunes client behaviors, and tricks iOS devices to believe the app was purchased by victim. Therefore, the user can install apps they never actually paid for, and the creator of the software can install potentially malicious apps without the user’s knowledge.

From July 2015 to February 2016 three applications to the App Store containing the code AceDeceiver climbed. They were published as wallpapers applications, when in fact provided an authorization code that attackers could use in attacks AceDeceiver.

There is a Windows application called “Aisi Helper” which is supposed to offer services such as backup and cleaning by users in China has been installed. This application installs malicious applications on devices that connect to the computer offering a third-party App Store free content as a hook. The third-party App Store asks users to enter your Apple ID and password and that information ends AceDeceiver servers.

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