IOS vs Android: open vs closed vs integration or fragmentation, the real difference according to Jobs


Apple's closing convention, developed to current the monetary outcomes for the fourth fiscal quarter,&#a hundred and sixty;has served Steve Jobs to speak in regards to the present state of the marketplace for sensible cell gadgets and capsules.


"Open systems do not always win"

Basically focused on Android, Google's open system, and expressed his optimism to continue to lead the market for tablets with iPad.

"No matter how many times Google want to label as a platform to iOS closed, we are confident we will succeed against Google and its fragmentation"

Note the emphasis on the word open , referring to the strategy used by Google on the Android platform:
Apple devices iOS 275 000 active day, with peaks of 300 000. Google has not announced anything new about the 200 000 already known and their numbers are not reliable.
Apple is about more than 300 000 applications in the App Store, while Google 90 000 applications.
Google Android frequently sold at open, while the IOS is seen as a closed platform. Open vs. Closed This is a smoke screen is the least important …
The real difference between Android and the iPhone is the integration vs fragmentation
– It is known the problem of Android, fragmentation. Different mobile devices, even from the same company, run on different versions of the operating system "fragmented"
– What is better for customers in integration vs fragmentation? Integration strategy for Apple, providing users with exactly what they seek.
The SOI is like Windows, most computers come with the same user interface developed by Microsoft and run the same applications… many Android equipment manufacturers, including HTC and Motorola, install custom user interfaces to differentiate
– Developers have to write multiple versions of your a
pplications so they can reach different mobile devices Android. 
In IOS, the developers only have to worry about being innovative rather than writing the same application in 100 versions.
in the IOS, the application is written once and for all devices despliegua.Users will not lose by trying to find out if it is compatible with your device,
– Following fragmentation, Android applications has many stores, including mobile manufacturer and network operator, this is a disaster.
The only real competitor of Apple in terms of mobile devices is Android.Jobs said that RIM, maker of BlackBerry, has already been passed by the iPhone and become difficult to
recover in the near future (fourth quarter, Apple sold 14.1 million mobile iPhone, while RIM BlackBerry mobile 12.1)

RIM has the challenge of creating a truly competitive platform and convince developers to write applications on this platform… being preferred IOS and Android.



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