iOS WebApps for Google Music and Dropbox


Google introduced – on Twitter - the availability of a webapp optimized for iOS HTML5 version for Google Music . This webapp, which runs on both iPhone /iPod touch as iPad , uses the local cache (up to 25 MB) and has an int
erface should not disorient users iOS music player.


Google Music is currently available in the U.S. – and invitation – but there are several ways to do as if you were there.


Since we are talking about webapps, note that Dropbox has updated its own , for the first time in three years . Its operation is similar to that of IOS and Android applications, interface functions (research, action on the files, delete, share). This webapp is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

To access the HTML version 5 of Google Music on IOS is relatively simple, but note that it is necessary to have a iDevice in  iOS 4 minimum to enjoy it. If you meet this condition, then simply launch Mobile Safari , you go to the address  ""  and login to enjoy all the features of this new tool. A tool that allows you to obviously play your music, play with your playlists and a lot of other things.

When you first start the application, it asks if you want or not to create a cache of 25 MB . This cache is obviously designed to allow you to access your music even if you are deep in the Creuse Nonville or side (yes, it really is buddies) . Well, with that, you can not access your entire music library, it's true, but it's better than nothing. Once this step is simple, your library will appear just before your very eyes. Even this webapp is frankly damn well and is also very pleasant to use. The interface is minimalist, it's true, but nevertheless beautiful.


At the top, we find five tabs that allow you to access your music library in several ways:artists , albums , songs , playlists and genres . There is also a small button above very discreet which will offer you the opportunity to access the search engine Google Music and therefore even easier to find what you are looking for. Note also that this f
ield of research, of course, plays the card of the auto-completion and frankly it's very well screwed. 
Right next to this button, you will find a second button that will allow us this time we disconnect or to access our "desktop" application. If you start playback of a title, it will be played in a reader rather simplistic but nevertheless display the album art in question. Similarly, we can then continue to dig into the application, reading and being shown at the top of the page in the form of an easily identifiable visual.

So of course, this application is not perfect. No, the big missing, of course, is not able to send titles to the iPhone from our service or our iPad. Same, we would have liked to integrate Google Music iPod directly to the function of our iDevice. A bit like setting up a new account in Mail, in fact …

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