This isn’t one thing we welcome, however we cannot merely ignore the information and does now not maintain you abreast of reports of such pastime to lots of people.


IPA God will allow you to download illegally priced applications from the AppStore or Cydia for free under the iOS 4.1/4.2 (how to Installous) but without jailbreak.
In iOS 4 it is a flaw in the matrix that lets you create files in the system iDevice not jailbroke. It is this fault which will be used by IPA God.

You know that Apple allows (for beta testers) to have applications not approved by Apple over their iDevice! This requires that your UDID is registered by the application developer as a beta-tester!
IPA works as God and AppSync Installous both, but apparently, you should pay a fee to register your UDID. We do not totally support this operation. Never pay for piracy!
As in any case, there is a silver lining to every bad. If God is published APIs, and works on advertising, people (hopefully) will cease to associate jailbreak and illegal downloading.
≠ jailbreak Hacking / illegal downloads.
The application will be compatible with the iPhone, iTouch and iPad iOS under 4.1 or 4.2.



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