iPad 2 and iPad 3 photo side by side comparison


Lately, they have got been rumors in regards to the iPad three being launched on March 7, 2012,  a pair Apple merchandise photographs leaked earlier than the presentation. Now not completely positive of which it is easy to by no means be genuine however one factor is that the preliminary signs on the long run iPad design and performance.


In general, it is expected that the next generation iPad contains only marginal changes in the design and probably only bring improvements under the hood with it is.


In addition, the newly part back shell surfaced confirms the well-known rumors and noted that the housing design is similar to the previous model, and bevels are available to narrow the thickening of about one millimeter.

MICGadget  could get back the presumed Turn in your fingers and have the body compared with the iPad second The published photos show clearly the slight thickening of the unit by about one millimeter. Be thicker for whatever reason, the case will be a touch, of course, currently unknown, but probably will need a new backlight for the retinal display more room. In addition, the greater slope to the sides was confirmed by the photos. Most likely, this adjustment should reduce the thickening of the unit and convey the sense of a thinner body.




In addition, includes the rear shell also shown a magnified camera lens and MICGadget also believed that the camera will hold up to 8 megapixels. In addition, the front camera should also receive a corresponding upgrade in order to allow an improved use of FaceTime and Skype.

MICGadget also reported  in the past that the next iPad camera will have a magnified lens camera, which is indeed an improvement on the camera back up could indicate to 8 megapixels, although this figure a little doubts.

Furthermore, declines MICGadget neck out and suggested a smaller iPad with a 7-inch displays, weaker processor and improved battery performance. This rumor seems never to die out, even though Apple and Steve Jobs had denied the speculation several times.


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