iPad 2 on iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Slate


Microsoft officially introduced Windows 8 to the whole world. Windows 8, certainly, but above the touch pad to the first board, a shelf designed by Samsung . What you might not know however is that all those who participated in the Build left with the famous tablet under her arm . Knowing that the seats cost $ 3,000, we understand why and how. 

Yes, and the guys WinRumors had the good idea to shoot a video comparing the tablet to the Apple iPad.Video course you will be able to discover a little lower.


So beware, because this comparison is by no means intended to highlight one product over another. The objective of WinRumors guy is smarter, it's just to show you how these two work platforms while emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses of their respective companies. The result is very interesting to watch and we can also discover any Windows 8 Metro. A Windows 8 Metro also surprised me in many ways.

In fact, there is very little difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 Phone Metro. There was even a little hard to imagine that a "real" Windows running behind. Note that this is a compliment not a criticism. The integration of Metro is downright perfect and very clean .Everything is fluid and it is all the more remarkable that this is not the final version of the platform. Windows 8 was expected that next year, and we imagine that there are still two or three things to implement on the side of Microsoft.

Only regret, this video does not show how easy it is to switch between Windows and Windows 8 8 Metro itself. It's a shame because it's really the highlight of this platform. In seconds, you can and go from one work environment "normal" to a better environment designed for touch and for entertainment. That unfortunately does not allow the iPad …


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