Subsequent Wednesday, March 2, Apple presented the iPad 2. The logical query when the iPad 2 on the market, lets now not solution that query however we will now resolution that subsequent week. When you consider that we’re a U.S.source here is not to say with certainty whether the iPad 2 also immediately in the Netherlands and Belgium for sale but the iPad has 2 almost immediately after launch in the United States for sale, though probably Thursday or Friday.


During the introduction of the iPad 2, the U.S. Apple Stores the iPad 2 are already in the warehouse.Recently the news that staff at the Apple Stores had to sign an NDA and that they are briefed on the launch of a new product. In terms of logistics, the WiFi-only iPads similar to an iPod touch and 3G + WiFi iPads require some extra attention to them to bring the man or woman. In America they are also sold in combination with a Verizon or AT & T data collection and hence the extra "training" of the Apple employees at the Apple Stores.

 Earlier this week we saw that the Germans are very good at the official release of the new MacBook Pro.

Before you cheer up, we should point out that nothing is certain until Apple has confirmed. Long, we do not have to wait for Wednesday night at 19:00 hours, the iPad 2 news erupt often via a live video stream that Apple will hopefully facilitate.

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