iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Picture Posted


It sounds as if the evolution of the Untethered jailbreak for the iPhone and the iPad 4S in two fast steps ahead. Daily, standing updates posted through the builders and to point out the present growth of the jailbreak. In the meantime, proof has been demonstrated through a video that’s already jailbreak the iPhone 4S absolutely useful and in just a few days may see the sunshine of day. 


Yesterday evening two pictures of a gejailbreakten iPad 2 were published by the jailbreak developers Pod2g Being and Planet. Apparently it's released nothing stands in the way and could appear at any moment of the jailbreak.

Firstly, the developer Pod2g a picture of an iPad 2 has on his personal blog again released and made ​​numerous jailbreak users new hope for a speedy release. After a few hours of this blog entry, for unknown reasons has disappeared.

The above photo was rapidly released with the following words on his blog:

No more to say!

However, the jailbreak developers have PlanetBeing on Twitter presented a similar picture of an untethered jailbroken iPad 2 to the public. The picture shows the famous Cydia App "IntelliScreenX" and confirmed that this extension on both IOS devices with the A5 processor works. Accordingly, the jailbreak is already so strong that several Cydia packages can be installed without problems.

Been a productive day. Relieved to find out IntelliScreenX (an app I helped write) works on the 4S and iPad2.:)

Although it is still no concrete release date, only a few days should elapse before the jailbreak for the public is available. For the recently  released video evidence  and the above images suggest an early release.

We will of course continue to pursue further development of the jailbreak and report on emerging news about appropriate. Will be published if the Untethered Jailbreak for the two devices, we will also provide guidance for the conduct.


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