iPad 3 first prototype surfaced or a cheap copy?


The image beneath of the iPad three prototype used to be on JailBreakiPhone4u since published and circulated throughout the Internet. The original article claims that this is a prototype iPad 3.It is seen that the housing is very strong and resembles the iPad was also provided with the traditional Apple logo.


However, one can see a big difference to the housing to the current model, as can be seen in the lower left corner of one input port and from there they would make an Ethernet trace symbol.In addition, it can be seen in the picture, that the aspect ratio has changed and this is a widescreen.

The Ethernet port, the change in aspect ratio and the lack of camera suggest however, that this is a cheap Chinese copy.Because Apple never has an Ethernet port would integrate it into their next iPad, so the group would be cut even more into his own flesh.Furthermore, the source has divulged no further details about the supposed prototypes.

According to the latest rumors, the new Apple tablet between the first and second quarter will be published.


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