DisplaySearch&#one hundred sixty;believes that the key to the brand new iPad’s extremely pixel density – cramming 2048 x 1536 pixels right into a 9.7” show – is all the way down to the corporate’s use of Tremendous Excessive Aperture (SHA) pixel design, a brand new means of producing shows presented with the aid of Sharp and JSR.

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The new tech increases the aperture ratio by introducing an acrylic resin layer that separates the pixel electrodes and the signal lines. Apple announced that is was doing something similar in a video that accompanied the iPad release, talking about elevating the pixels onto a different plane to the signals. This apparently prevents color distortion and fuzzy images that would normally result from stuffing so many pixels next to each other in a small display.


The new iPad apparently also has double the number of LEDs than its predecessor, something that’s necessary to properly illuminate all of the pixels. This, in turn, is expected to be one reason behind the iPad 3’s slightly thicker chassis.

Interesting stuff. I expect we’ll hear more about this once a proper tear-down on the iPad 3 has been conducted by the experts. Until then, farewell.

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