Apple will unveiled the next generation iPad this Wednesday in San Francisco. It's very likely that Apple will have its tablet redesign and equipment with an A5x or A6 chip and an HD Retina display, but it seems it is not quite as good this time succeeded in the past. MIC gadgets got its hands on several iPad 3 parts that they have put together.


In recent weeks, we could looked at several pictures on the internet that showed "new" design of the iPad third generation. These first pictures were also much that needs to get used to the iPad fan even when the Apple Tabelet third model has somewhat a design.


MIC Gadget claimed to have both a front and a back side of the new iPad get my hands and held the whole thing in a video or summarized. One can see quite clearly that this is something new iPad become thicker, the magnification lens of the camera has increased in size and all that has become somewhat trapezoidal-shaped. In addition, also showed the same number of new Smart Cover.



Although visually, there is very little changes, the technical specifications is once again set to new standards. The HD display with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels is almost 100 percent sure. The processor could not be agreed, however, currently have a A5X and A6-chip dual-core CPU in the room. Even on battery power, storage space and to be known as the iPad 3



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