iPad 3 Photo with Apple A5X Processor


On a Chinese language discussion board WeiPhone there is a photo surfaced of a prototype circuit board that may be the iPad 3. On the PCB we see surprisingly a processor, which is different from the Apple A5 processor. The processor that we see is an Apple A5X processor.The A5X chip is never mentioned in the rumor mill. 


The component is the dated code 1146, which refers to the period November 14 to 20, 2011. You might infer from this that the Apple iPad 3 might not get A6-chip, but an improved version of the Apple A5 chip. But it is also possible, that at the moment that the prototype was not  made  A6-chip, so that a modified version of the A5 had to be used.

A date code "1146" on the chip indicates it was manufactured A5X at week 46 of 2011, which corresponds to the days of 14 to 20 November.

Many other features are also visible in the Logic Board, including a pair of flash memory chips from Hynix 16 GB and a rectangular chip with the Apple brand. That chip dies correspond to the management of power found within the previous iPad but this in turn carries a large number of parts.

It is assumed that Apple will introduce the iPhone in March at an event on March 7, this device will also have an ultra high-resolutio display or a display of ultra high resolution and ability to LTE. Other rumors also assume that going to take a slightly less rounded design and maybe a rear 8 megapixels camera .



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