Whereas most of us shall be ready except subsequent week on the earliest to unwrap our new iPads, some fortunate folks had been visited through the Apple fairy early this 12 months. Vietnamese websiteTinhte.vn has produced a substantial amount of content material detailing the brand new iPad, together with video and photographs of the unboxing itself and a few affirmation of the iPad three’s efficiency.

IPad 2012 (23)

In the box, the iPad 3 looks pretty much the same as the iPad 2, coming with the same accessories and the box is arranged in much the same way. In the hand, the iPad 3 is a bit thicker and heavier but according to the site it’s not a difference you’ll notice unless you’re holding onto both at the same time.

Internally, things are much as we suspected. Using the Geekbench benchmarking tool, which tests the CPU and memory, the third generation iPad receives a similar mid 750s score as the iPad 2, despite the new A5X chip. This confirms suspicions that the chip is clocked at the same 1 GHz, and the new feature is primarily the quad-core graphics chip, which as far as I know isn’t tested using the Geekbench software. That does mean that we should still see vastly improved performance in games and graphical benchmarks.

As well as confirming the CPU frequency, the benchmark also states that the iPad 3 comes with 1 GB of RAM, continuing the doubling that has occurred with each new generation of the iPad.

Now all we have to do is wait for the iPad to be released for real… although whispers about the iPad Mini have already begun, so it’s not like we get to take a week off from iPad rumours!

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