The iPad 3 continues to be leaked, even after Apple’s official iPad 3 media event has been announced for March 7th. This time, it’s the thickness of the iPad 3 that has been apparently confirmed. The shells of both have been measured by someone who has access to a digital caliper, so it should be quite accurate. Ready for the results?


The iPad 2 is 8.69 mm thick. The iPad 3 is 9.5 mm thick! That’s a difference of 0.81 mm. OK, so it’s not as much as we were expecting, but it’s good to get that measurement down accurately. The tablet will still come below that magical 1 cm line, so it should still be considered ‘thin’ by contemporary standards. The increased bulk is due to the high definition screen used by the iPad 3, and will also likely lead to an increase in battery life. 

The iPad 3 is also expected to ship with a high speed dual or quad core processor, increasing graphical capabilities and an 8 megapixel camera.

Be sure to tune in to the Apple conference on March 7th to see it all finally confirmed. The conference begins at 10 AM PST, which puts it at 6 PM here in the UK.

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