iPad 3 to be more expensive than the iPad 2?


Proceed the float of rumors coming from China and the final in chronological order appears to point that a cost elevate for the iPad 3 It seems that the first copies of the iPad 3 en route to Apple Stores. On 26 February, the first shipments left China and will be coming in the U.S. in the next two weeks, more shipments are planned.


The date for the iPad 3 launch has been a while on March 7After the announcement, according to 9to5Mac pre-orders can be made, something the iPad 2 was not possible. In preparation for the iPad 3-launch, the iPad 2 here and there in the offer: Best Buy,  reduced  the iPad 2 price by 50 dollars.


The logistics of the new iPhone has already begun, so that means that the iPad 3 quick after the presentation to actually buy. An employee who leaked the consignment, said that shipments continue to March 9:

"Our company has started a number of heavily guarded transports. The client has extreme demands on security. To ensure that the goods at the airport are too long, we ask that all cargo aircraft on 26 February to 9 March to plan in Schedule XXX. "

In addition, he declared by 9to5Mac that after March 9 regular shipments go. It seems that the iPad 3 is readily available in the U.S. It remains doubtful whether the iPad 3 also directly in the Netherlands will be for sale.


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