iPad 4 A6X SOC is twice as fast as the new iPad 3



Apple announced the fourth generation iPad almost a week ago , and shortly thereafter became soon clear that the new iPad has a speed monster. Today, the first benchmarks of the fourth-generation iPad and do not lie, the new iPad is less than twice as fast as the iPad 2 and the third-generation iPad.

The company therefore appears to have chosen to listen to the consumer, because there were many customers who complained that the iPad 3 in comparison with the iPad 2 was not powerful, and in some cases even slower by using the Retina screen. This problem is fortunately resolved with this iPad 4.

On the site of Primate Labs Geekbench scores are the first to see the iPad 4, and it is clear that the tablet has a lot of processing power. These are the scores of the last three iPad models released by Apple in the past two years.


iPad 2 (A5) 2011 Geekbench: 769

iPad 3 (A5X) 2012 Geekbench: 747

iPad 4 (A6X) 2012 Geekbench: 1757


Although both the iPad 3 and iPad 4 are equipped with 1GB of RAM, it is the new Apple A6X processor with 1.4 GHz are spinning around the Apple A5X, which is in fact nothing more than a quad-core Apple A5 graphics . The A6X will be twice as fast in terms of CPU and graphics performance, and these benchmarks seem to confirm this.

The fourth-generation iPad can be ordered in the course of the Apple Retailer and can be to be had on Friday, November 2.

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