iPad 4 will be released in mid-2013, Says DigiTimes



Apple will not release a full-size model of the fourth-generation iPad until the middle of 2013, says DigiTimes, citing sources familiar with the situation.

DigiTimes reports that Apple warned its Asian partners involved in the production of iPad, so they were ready for the emergence of a new iPad update in mid-2013. The company’s products are produced millions of copies, and often require collecting electronics for additional resources to meet Apple placed orders.

DigiTimes also reports that the next generation Apple iPad will keep diagonal display at 9.7 inches and some simplify hardware devices, in particular, reducing the number of LEDs used for backlighting. In the latest generation of tablet uses 84 element LED-backlight.

According to Digitimes, Apple is now making a correction and the current master version of iPad, but the updated model may be delayed until the first quarter of 2013, although it was expected that the new iPad 3, which includes a standard connector Lightning, will be announced together with the mini-tablet.

It is now expected after a compact iPad mini with 7.85-inch display. According to unofficial sources, Apple will hold a press conference on the announcement of the device, a week later, on October 23.

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