iPad Air 2 ntroduced: Features, Price, Release Date


In an event held yesterday,Apple updated the two models of its tablet in which one is the iPad Air 2 with 9.7-inch screen, and the other is iPad Mini 3 featuring 7.9-inch, making the Apple mini tablet thinner and lighter versions to incorporate Touch ID fingerprint reader .

The new model will be the largest Air iPad 2, which goes on sale late next week. It is 18% thinner than the current model, with a thickness of only 6.1 millimeters. Saving the thickness , the design is very similar to the current models . The greatest differences are on the inside .

The only difference in the diagonal of the display – otherwise identical, are very powerful, the best tablet on the market, remains relevant to this day. Can I have something to improve? As demonstrated by the presentation – nothing is impossible.

iPad Air 2. even thinner

This presentation is something reminded announcement iPad 2 in the past. iPad sample 2010 really surprised by its size, though today it looks very cumbersome. But when Steve Jobs showed off the stage by a third thinner and with three times more powerful successor.

iPad Air also surprised by their dimensions in the past, received the body thickness of 7.5 mm and a much more powerful stuffing than the successor. It would seem much more thinner? How about the body thickness of 6.1 mm? Yes, friends, iPad Air 2 is even thinner, lighter (444 g vs 478 g), but at the same time powerful and functional! By the way, if you add two new tablet together, they still will not be thicker than the first iPad.

ipad air 2

I’ll start with the functionality for which to a certain extent responsible display. In the iPad Air it was a reference to the clarity and quality of color. In the iPad Air 2, he became even steeper. Resolution will retain the same (2048×1536 pixels, 264 ppi), while it is more than enough, but the color quality was better. Managed to achieve this by eliminating the air gap between the cover glass and the LCD matrix. The effect is as if the screen is rubbed dusty cloth – picture juicy, rich colors. Actually, the air gap in the first generation iPad Air and raised an issue for many users, but now there is no problem. Plus, this phenomenon has helped to reduce the thickness of the tablet.

However, it is not all Innovations in screen iPad Air 2. Even more important was the chip anti-reflective coating that reduces glare screen by 56%. That is now the device will be much more comfortable to work in the sun, and in the case of a bright spot light source.

Next outwardly noticeable innovation – is a fingerprint sensor Touch ID. In the tablet installed a similar unit that the iPhone 6, that is, it works very quickly and with virtually 100 percent result. Functionally, the fingerprint sensor is also exactly the same, that is, works for unlocking the device and authorize purchases the iTunes Store, as well as third-party applications.


Inside the machine also has undergone a number of nice changes. At the heart of iPad Air 2 is the processor Apple A8X, that is designed specifically for the tablet model of the A8 and it is more powerful than the chip that is installed in the iPhone 6.

Traditionally, the technical details of the chip Phil Schiller did not dedicate, although mentioned that it contains 3 billion transistors, while in the iPad Air was only 1 billion. The more, the harder and more functional chip. But the tech guru told us about the performance of a mobile 64-bit processor, the second generation of Apple. In particular, the calculating unit was 40% more productive than iPad Air first generation. Let me remind you that the telephone version of the A8 is only 20% more powerful than its predecessor on this indicator. As for the graphics subsystem, the iPad Air 2 is equipped with a 2.5 times faster GPU, than its predecessor.


Bit entertaining statistics – if you compare the computational and graphical power of the first iPad and new, the difference will be 12x and 180h, respectively, and it’s been only four years – incredible! Again I remind you that the iPad Air 2 with more than half as thick as the original, and almost half the weight.

But back to the technical chips and buns. Following tradition, Apple has maintained a solid level of autonomy of the tablet, which provides all the same 10 hours in a mixed mode (web surfing, video, games) without recharging, and that all previous models.

The new processor and a positive impact on the ability of the camera, which also changed photomodule received an 8-megapixel matrix (in the precursor 5-megapixel) and a pair of microphones. Given the fact that the camera does not protrude beyond the body as the iPhone 6 in the plate clearly established model of iPhone 5s and it is very, very bad. As for new features, in fact there are two that are not in the first generation iPad Air: burst mode and slow.


FaceTime HD camera remained unchanged and its innovation capabilities due to iOS 8. All of them have in its predecessor.

Network capabilities are also different, although for the most part in the figures. So, iPad Air 2 module is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 802.11a / b / g / n / ac with support for dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) and MIMO. In theory, it is three times faster than its predecessor module (peak rate – 866 Mbit / s), in practice it is unlikely you will be able to feel, except that the signal it will catch a little better, thanks to the support of the standard 802.11ac, but the router must be adequately.

The module is similar to that in the LTE iPhone 6, the supports 20 have frequencies and is thus a functional currently on the market.


Among other innovations, we note the gold model and barometer. As is the case with the iPhone 6 missing from the range model with 32 GB of flash memory, leaving only versions with 16, 64 and 128 GB. Price? – It remains the same – in the United States is $ 499, $ 599 and $ 699 for the Wi-Fi model and $ 629, $ 729 and $ 829 respectively for LTE. Bookings can begin to make out tomorrow. Sales will begin in a week.

If an iPad Air 2 Phil Schiller said with a twinkle in his eyes and a gasp, then a its predecessor.. Clearly felt that the company’s emphasis is on a large plate, and it seems that the reason for this iPhone 6 Plus.

Thus, according to weight and size and specifications iPad mini 3 (so it’s called officially) is virtually identical to its predecessor. The only difference is the presence of variants in gold color and fingerprint sensor Touch ID. Everything. Do not rub your eyes – really all there is no more innovation in comparison with the Retina iPad mini, except for the disappearance of such a 32-gigabyte model (there is an alternative, tell about it later.)


Prices are exactly the same as last year was at the iPad mini with a Retina-display, although the model with 128 GB fell by $100. That is a price list in the United States as follows: $399, $499 and $599, respectively.

But the second-generation iPad mini has fallen and is now offered at a price of  $299 . Save the model 16 and 32 GB. iPad mini first generation is also not out of the market and the cost to everyone in the $249.

What can I say – bravo Apple, you’re really able to make the best tablet in the world even better. This, of course, about the iPad Air 2, whose thickness and new features are really impressive. But the actual rejection of the further development of iPad mini little sad. On the other hand, have an iPhone 6 Plus, which completely replaces a small tablet in most problems, and he obviously affect the level of sales of iPad mini. So it’s just business, and Apple know how to count money and will not invest in their  unavailable development.

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