iPad Air 2 will be thinner and may lose silent mode switch



Before the expected announcement of the new generation of iPad Air, which is more than a week. If Re / code not mistaken, the presentation will be held on October 16. From the new tablet introduction, do not expect big changes. But in fact, iPad Air 2 can obtain a number of key differences that will make customers go back to the shops for a new device.

As The Michael Report stated in their disposal a fully assembled iPad Air 2, provided by “their” man from Apple. For safety reasons, it was decided not to publish the photos, but a detailed description of the features of the new tablet lets you make an impression on him even without images.

So, iPad Air 2 really becomes thinner. This will be achieved through the full lamination screen tablet, which is to combine the protective glass and Retina display into a single unit. Apple uses a similar system to the iPhone for the past few generations of smartphones. In addition, the lamination will improve a little and image quality. For the production of displays for iPad Air 2 correspond to TPK, GIS, Sharp, Samsung and LG.

Hull form iPad Air 2 will remain identical to the previous generation tablet. Thickness is reduced by about half a millimeter. Frame around the display remained unchanged. Hole dynamics are now represented by one row, as is done in iPhone 6. In addition, a decrease in the thickness of the device is forced Apple to abandon the use of the silent mode switch. This is perhaps the most unexpected expected innovation.

iPad Air 2 gets improved front camera – now that FaceTime HD with support for 720p resolution. The main module will also be replaced with an 8-megapixel. Probably, the modules will not the most modern and Apple does not need to do a protruding part on the back cover.

Receive long-awaited tablet 2 GB of RAM. This has already been reported previously: increase in need for two-window mode applications. Also, the new iPad is not without Touch ID and NFC. Apple Pay can be used on a large 9.7-inch device. This should be the new iPad Air 2, according to insider information The Michael Report. How it will be in fact, we will know in a few days. Most of the changes do not look incredible.

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