There are some rumors leaked by Asian manufacturers of cases that it revealed possible new iPad Air 3, the new tablet that Apple will present in March.


Today we get more pictures, this time correspond to schemes leaked would confirm the external appearance of the new 9.7-inch tablet star.

Looking at these images we can see that in design would be a cross between iPad Pro (from 4 speakers and Smart Connector) and iPad Air 2 (for the position of buttons and size), the only factor that includes this new device as a novelty is the inclusion of an LED flash.

The diagram also shows the dimensions of the product, which is 0.1 mm wider than its predecessor and 0.05 millimeters thicker, which will surely be the inclusion of the new sound system and modern components and pointers.
The question that remains, apart from the SoC (which we believe will be the A9X) is whether the iPad will be compatible with Apple Pencil, this $100 device allows us to draw and do other tasks with high precision, this would be a point very supportive for those who give the jump to this generation, however it increases its cost of sales and that this would be seen as an iPad iPad Mini Pro.


It is also expected that in the event of early 2016, particularly in March, also a new iPhone called iPhone 5SE (seen whether that name is real or not), and new MacBook with the new generation of Intel processors present Skylake call, this sixth generation of Intel processors give great performance with these new notebooks, since its integrated GPU are able to move without breaking a sweat 4K screens, something that looks like the market is beginning to accept and try to standardize.

The future of Apple products is presented as we see more and more succulent, I personally love to see so many powerful functions and devices because it really changes again to reactivate the innovation in this sector are needed.

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