iPad Air 3 Leaked Design Shows 4 speakers and flash for rear camera



So far, the Apple device that has not been rumored much has been iPad Air 3, a tablet was expected for October but failed to appear. Now it expected for March-April. The only thing known about the third-gen iPad Air is to be presented in spring. But today has been leaked a supposed model that gives us some more information. As you can see in the picture below, published in the French half nowhereele.fr, the new iPad would have 4 speakers, the same number of speakers you have the iPad Pro. This would improve undoubtedly sound offered by the iPad Air 2, but I think it is not something that should decide whether or not a tablet. I do want to enjoy a decent sound, use headphones. Although, as I always say, I will not deny that everything without harming add something, it is welcome.

But perhaps the most attention is called the circle that is below what should be the camera. What type of sensor could add there? I think none. Although we can make mistakes, the first thing that comes to mind when seeing both the position and the shape of this circle is that it is a flash, something that has not had any of the iPads submitted to date. It is clear that a tablet is not to take pictures, but if you have a camera, you should have a flash for better pictures in low light conditions.

(Source: NWE [Google Translate])

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