iPad Air 3 to feature 4K screen, 4GB of RAM and improved battery



New information from the supply chain making the new iPad hit the web. According to manufacturers of touch panels General Interface Solution and TPK, who produce next iPad screens 9.7-inch, the iPad Air 3 will be distributed will be launched in March and will display 4K. But as much be thinking, is that resolution is necessary in a tablet that size? This issue may be taken up for debate, but what nobody doubts is that to move a 4K screen will require more powerful hardware and, moreover, a battery that offers greater autonomy.

This would give the iPad screen 4K Air 3 of greater resolution than the iPad Pro. This may make sense or not depending on which is more important for Apple tablet. On the one hand, the iPad Pro is a device that can bring more benefits to the company for its price difference. Furthermore, the iPad Air is a tablet that interests more customers, so that, in general, could also be the 9.7-inch iPad tablet higher-end of the three selling Cupertino.

iPad Pro was the first Apple device with touch screen that included 4GB of RAM. Given that Tim Cook and company for the 9.7-inch iPad would be your most important tablet is not far-fetched assertion made when sources say the iPad Air 3 will come with 4GB of RAM. Many Apple fans have maintained that much RAM is not required, but is a view that changed over the years. It is very true that it is not necessary at the time in which a device with its original operating system is launched, but so is that it is not the same a iPad 4 with iOS 6 that the same device with iOS encryption 9 feet to the head. It works less and naturally work much better if in 2012 he had been mounted 2GB of RAM.

Sources also speak of the Air iPad 3 will have a larger battery than the previous model. The problem with this statement is: Where the’d put? Like most companies, ridiculous obsession is to create increasingly smaller devices, not thicker. The iPad Air 2 or demonstrated the new MacBook. It is unlikely that they will launch an iPad Air thicker than the previous model, but have been many users have complained that the previous model was vibrating when the volume was very high due to excessive finesse. One possibility, although it seems remote, it would make a model with the thickness of the first iPad Air and leverage the extra thickness to include a larger battery.

But there is still more news. The two companies mentioned above expect an increase in orders for products with 3D Touch. The question here is: Are these orders relate to the iPad Air 3 or iPhone 5SE? All previous rumors refused to go to get a new device with sensitive screen at different pressures until September, which means that no one expects or next iPad 9.7-inch or next iPhone will reach 4 inches with 3D displays Touch. (Source: DigiTimes)

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