iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone 5s Display Quality Compared



The  new model iPad mini display remains the same – 7.9-inch, and resolution has increased from 1024 × 768 to 2048 × 1536 , that is exactly four times . Thus the pixel density of 326 pixels per inch vs. 163 predecessor. For this indicator, the new mini-tablet caught up with Apple iPhone. In iPad Air density of dots on the display 264 ppi, with iPhone 5s – 326 ppi.

According to observers, the screen on iPad mini will no longer see “ladder” in the picture – the picture looks like a high-quality printing . Read anything from the device and browse the World Wide Web – a pleasure. Image of a smooth , sharp and very detailed .

Journalists have made some test shots , which shows the basic difference in the quality of displays at the four products Apple: iPad Air, iPad mini first-and second-generation iPhone 5s.

The first photo shows the application icon App Store, increased to such an extent that it was possible to see the difference between different devices .


For the second test, the displays have opened a page of comics with image and text. Clarity of the screen of the new iPad mini is clear.


And perhaps the most telling test – text page. Here the advantages of high resolution displays are visible to the naked eye.


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