On Sunday, Apple was forced to evacuate its Apple Store located in Amsterdam due to an iPad battery explosion.

To cause the explosion would have been from the battery of the device, which would also have released harmful substances into the air that would require immediate evacuation of all personnel and customers inside.
As reported by iCulture there were no fires in the store thanks to the immediate intervention of Apple employees who promptly assured the product inside a box containing sand, in order to secure the defective product.

For security reasons, however, the Apple Store was closed to the public by Dutch firefighters, to allow the room the necessary air circulation to allow harmful substances released into the air to escape and avoid poisoning. The small incident fortunately involved none of the customers and employees of the store.

It is not the first time that an Apple Store is evacuated for signs like these. There are currently no more detailed information about the incident but, as is obvious in cases such as these, Apple will obviously lead the appropriate analysis of the event that seems, at least at first, due to a defect of the battery itself.

(Source: iCulture, @asmedianl [Twitter])

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