The presentation of iOS 9 showed that Apple still harbored some ambitions for the iPad. The first beta of the update contains several exciting new developments that lend to the iPad. The windowing is particularly emphasized, and it is true that it was running badly.

Do not confuse slide and Split Over View

iOS 9 inaugurates two ways to view two applications simultaneously. The first, called Slide Over, available for iPad Air 1/2 and iPad mini  2/3. Within an application (any), just a gesture from the right of the screen to open the latest software. A gesture from the top of the window launches multitasking drawer for selecting different software.


Please note that only applications compatible Over slide will be displayed in this window; Apple provides the API that goes so developers can put their apps in the tray. Besides, those who will not endure Over Slide will not appear in either Split View mode: it is this time to display and use two applications simultaneously. This is a major difference with Slide Over, since the main app positioned to the left of the screen is not active … unless you tap on it, which will have the effect of removing the panel slide Over.

To summarize: Over Slide mode, only the right application is active. Split View, available only on iPad Air 2, offers more since it is possible to pin the application right, it can then occupy a third or half of the screen. The 2 GB of RAM in this model show here handy.

The Picture in Picture function allows the display of a minimized window of a video (from FaceTime or any compliant app, Apple also there providing an API) in a corner of the screen. The PiP window, called by pressing the home button, can be positioned where desired. It is even possible to mix pleasure with a view View Split combined virtual keyboard!

To make the point, here the functions available for each generation iPad:

  • iPad Air 2: Split View, Slide Over, Picture in Picture
  • iPad Air 1: Slide Over, Picture in Picture
  • iPad mini 2/3: Slide Over, Picture in Picture

A more cunning virtual keyboard

improved keyboard

iOS 9 injects a little more productivity in the virtual keyboard with several new features that should make it easier for fans type. Two icon sets appear alongside QuickType suggestions: left, tools cut / copy / paste, right text formatting (bold, italics, underlined) and the integration of an attachment in the case of Mail.

Place two fingers on the keyboard turns the trackpad (inside the keys disappears). The current implementation of this innovation is still subject to some handling difficulties, you never really know where you are or what we do move …


These icons are context sensitive depending on the application. In Notes, for example, there is a cut to the left menu / copy / paste popover that appears, create a task and formatting – including, and this is also new to the notes taken of software, stylesheet.

Since it is in Notes, also evoke the new tool to scribble a sketch or write something with your finger. The option is on the right of QuickType suggestions, with the insertion of a photo menu.

Very simple, this little drawing workshop includes three types of pens and markers, an eraser, a ruler, and a limited selection of colors. Hopefully Apple will offer the possibility to add new colors in the final version.

Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, the iPad is also gaining productivity. The Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut displays the same switcher of apps that OS X.

Maintaining a special key (option, alt, ctrl), an application will display in the same style as the switcher of apps, the keyboard shortcuts available in the software.

In terms of absences noticed, applying News missed the boat this first beta.


We are still very far from having discovered all the little novelties concocted by Apple iOS 9 on iPad. There is for example the new multitasking drawer now displays applications paused in maps (which is reminiscent Android Lollipop). It will get used to this somewhat peculiar navigation through these cards.

We will have occasion to return more depth to it, but for iPad,  iOS 9 obviously includes the left of the home screen, the search engine offering applications suggestions of people, places and the news related to the context and location of the user. Spotlight is always available to it in its simplest version, via the well known movement downwards from any Springboard page.

iOS 9 will be available in final release this Fall. A beta test for the general public will be available in July.

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