iPad mini costs estimated to $188 to build



The iPad Mini last Friday, officially was available in the online Apple Store and various stores , according to an analysis by iSuppli, the mini iPad has the smallest profit margins compared to other Apple products. The production of the 16GB model with only Wi-Fi, according to the teardown around $188. A surprising finding in view of the fact that no use is made of a retina-screen or the faster Apple A6-processor.

Shortly after the announcement, Phil Schiller defended the price of the iPad Mini at $329 in a comment, he said that the profit margin per product sold is less than any other Apple products.This new teardown seems the story of Schiller in any case to confirm.

The 16GB model goes for $329 over the counter, this means that the profit per product sold around $141. This is not the net profit, as the cost of production, transmission, promotion and development are not included in this calculation.

In comparison to the rest of Apple products, it is clear that the profit margins are much lower. The teardown of the iPhone 5 showed that the cost of the hardware is comparable to that of the mini iPad.The fourth-generation iPad with Retina display costs $316 to make and is sold for $499. A Retina display will probably still have to wait a while, because the older 1024 x 768 panel is $80  the most expensive part of the mini tablet.

We can at least conclude that the hoped-for price of around $319, it unrealistic, especially considering the prices of other products that Apple currently sells. The question is how popular the Apple mini tablet will be in the coming days the company from Cupertino may disclose how many iPad Minis were sold. To find out our opinion on the mini Apple tablet. Read:

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