iPad mini installed in “Toyota” dashboard [Video]



Why do you need iPad mini in the car? Modern man uses personal transportation for many things – traveling, shopping, leisure, and work. The new mini-tablet can act as an electronic map, directory and internet terminals, stereo, TV, VCR, a show stopper, and news.

Soundwaves American company one of the first to offer the installation compact model iPad into the dashboard of cars. For a visual example, they “pump” so their new “Toyota”.

iPad mini – a tablet with an excellent 8-inch screen and easy fingertip control. He easily outperform any other gadgets, including the staff built ergonomic controls, says the Soundwaves. If we consider that the new mini-iOS device – a full internet tablet that can be used in a thousand and one way, including audio, video, and podcasts, you get a powerful car computer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCXJIjxvPNE?fs=1&feature=oembed]

Music – do not need any changers, MP3-CD, with their tedious administration. Can make a playlist for today while the car warms up, and you can scroll through the covers of music albums. Want to find the nearest gas station a certain brand? Paper card for this inconvenient, and even with the usual navigator is not as easy as we would like. Search for the nearest restaurant, veterinary clinic or shop jeans? Cinema? The church? The museum? All just convenient and easy. The usual navigator, in terms of information access, the iPad does not compare.

Finally, you get to spend time in traffic with the use of – to work with e-mail, calendar and scheduling, document or just to read the next book, when the car is temporarily immobilized by other traffic jams.

Of course, to set the tablet in a car would be the best version of its wireless networks. But until then, until Apple started selling iPad mini with 3G/4G, you can use the iPhone as an access point to connect to the Internet, said the Soundwaves. More images on its Facebook page.

[via 9to5Mac]

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