In the meanwhile, most sources agree that Apple iPad mini will present simultaneously with the new iPhone on September 12. iMore website reported a number of other prestigious publications.


However, John Gruber of Daring Fireball suggested quite a fair point: Apple is unlikely to want to delay the public’s attention to the iPhone 5 to a compact tablet. A more reasonable, according to Gruber, looks plan: smartphone will on September 12, both discussed the changes in iOS 6, 9 days later the device is available for sale, and the debut of iPad mini in the first half of October. It was at this time Apple holds the traditional event, earlier announced a new model iPod.

Under this scenario, products will not interfere with each other in the media space, and the new tablet will not be late for the seaso
n of Christmas sales.

In the same way recent study shoes CouponCodes4u: Apple is not advisable to market just two new products – a new model of iPhone and the compact version of the iPad. If people had to choose between the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, what they spend their money, most people probably would have bought a smartphone, rather than stood in line for a miniature version of Apple-tablet.

Experts also believe that in the case of the simultaneous entry of new products Apple might happen to have some “cannibalization” of iPad mini sales in favor of the iPhone 5.


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