iPad mini prototype with two microphones


iPad mini prototype with two microphones

Last fall, before the presentation of iPad mini rumors that the Apple tablet with an 8-inch display will be an additional microphone for clipping noise. Similarly, the operating noise reduction technology in the iPhone 5.

As a result, information was not confirmed – the iPad mini did not have holes for the microphone on the top of the housing. However, judging by the photos of the prototype mini-tablet, Apple really hoped to endow device technology cut off ambient noise.

The photos show the prototype iPad mini with an extra hole centered, atop the rear of the device. It is unclear as to why Apple withheld the second microphone from the final product release, my guesses would be that it was axed out to cut down on cost, or to be preserved for a future generation iPad mini.

iPad mini prototype with two microphones

The appearance of this prototype is interesting for several reasons. First, it confirms that the insides of a second microphone in the iPad mini were not fakie and explains why on the eve of release of China invaded “holey” covers a mini-tablet. In addition, it may serve as a confirmation that the additional microphone for noise cancellation will appear in the iPad mini, iPad 2 and the fifth generation, as reported on the eve of the Japanese media.

The  iPad mini prototype with a hole for the second microphone was taken by Foxconn factory workers . Dixon argues that a Chinese manufacturer of accessories bought it for 38,000 yuan, roughly $6000.[via iDB]

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