iPad Parts Photos Still Support Camera


Probably the most amazing function on this body is that the webcam holes stay. The holes look like a somewhat completely different type and don’t appear to permit some of the at present used iSight modules (akin to in a Unibody Macbook) to suit cosy into the opening. It, on the other hand, appears ordinary that a couple of variations of this midboard body have the webcam holes when no at the moment recognized version features a webcam. 


Generally manufacturing companies that have two different revisions of a product will try to save money on production by using interchangeable parts, but from the looks of this so far, all of these prerelease parts are being made to house hardware that is not available on any model. This could be attributed to either a late minute announcement that will have people pulling out their wallets, or it was a last minute design pull. (The fact that the camera holes made it from supposed prototype to final revision could possibly support some type of late announcement theory….though we seriously doubt it.)[via powerbookmedic]

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