“Who wants a stylus? Ugh! “- So once was Steve Jobs’ rejection of an input pin for the first iPhone. With the 12.9-inch Apple iPad to recent rumors that soon but want to put on a Stylus.

The KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who on several occasions was right in the past with his Apple predictions, now surprised with the announcement that Apple will offer for the 12.9-inch iPad iPad Pro Plus or a stylus ,

The analyst cites numerous Apple patents for stylus pens – which are, however, long been known. In addition, however, that Apple is indeed planning, according to his own research from these ideas to create a finished product. What sources should have betrayed him and learn about Apple’s plans are unclear; may predict, therefore it is primarily based on the patents, so they must be treated with caution.

A tablet pen is more precise than the fingers of a person and could in some situations even more practical than a combination of keyboard and mouse to be so Kuo. “That’s why we believe this will improve the user experience of the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Stylus.”

However, many users would need a stylus first not so Apple could possibly offer this as an optional add-on as an alternative to touch input. First, it would be a simple stylus; with time, but Apple will add additional components such as an accelerometer to provide a three-dimensional writing input in the air or on surfaces other than on the touchscreen. For such a pin Apple patent had appeared only in January.

At the beginning of the pin but will have electronic components and an antenna for communicating with the iPad, so that he would be charged – at the beginning but not wireless, but with a Lightning cable.

First, the Apple Stylus will probably only appeal to a few customers, adding additional features and the release of additional applications, the number of users but will enlarge. Consists precisely in the areas of business and education for such an accessory potential.

After all seems for iPad styluses a market to exist – for example, Wacom offers an iPad stylus, which can be seen in the above embedded image. But what would Steve Jobs said about this …?

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