Sales of tablets are down and have done for all brands. Although the iPad remains the best seller among the tablets, it is also undergoing a major slump in sales. Actually, it is something that makes sense, since the use we give to the tablets, it is normal that endure what longer than smartphones, also have a social component and “need”, see the quotes, renew them more frequently.

To try to reverse this situation, last week Apple introduced the iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch tablet from the beginning tell us that is targeted for professional use. But the iPad Pro is not the first tablet of more than 12 inches that occurs, much less. Also they presented before the Galaxy Note 12.2 or the Surface Pro Pro 3, each with a different operating system. Then you have the three tablets placed face to face.


As you can see, there are features for everyone, starting with the operating system. Pro will use the iPad iOS 9.1, the Galaxy Android 4.4 and Windows 10. Surface 3, iPad Pro screen  is the one most ppi, reaching 265, but the Surface 3 is the one with the possibility of having more RAM, reaching up to 8GB. The front camera is the best of the Surface 3 and the main camera is the best iPad Pro. The list is a rabbit, since the base model iPad Pro 64GB and not 32GB.

The choice between these three tablets should be based on the operating system. Moreover, Samsung is the one that seems weaker, but it is also the oldest. The Surface Pro 3 is a few months younger and iPad Pro, which could come out ahead, has not yet gone on sale. It is noteworthy that the list is unfair for the time that each tablet.

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