iPad Pro’s A9X Chip Vs 2015 MacBook Intel Core i5 : Performance Benchmarks Comparison



The iPad Pro is officially available for purchase; some testers have already received the device in advance. Initial benchmarks that enables the Apple A9X actually can compete with notebooks – not only with the 12-inch MacBook.

Even the Apple A9 in the iPhone 6s is so powerful that he beats the MacBook in some tests – but that also is the weakest among Apple’s notebook with a Core-M chip.
However, the Apple iPad Pro in A9X is once again more powerful, as first benchmarks show. Ars Technica has found out about Geekbench that the chip in the iPad Pro operates at a clock frequency of 2.25 gigahertz. These are again around 300 megahertz more than the iPhone 6s.

In multi-core CPU test of Geekbench iPad Pro achieved a total value of 5498 points – and is thus far ahead of the Core-M chip in the MacBook, which make it only to 4615 points. However, the Core i5 chip in 2015er-MacBook Air is nearly stronger than the Apple A9X with 5772 points. When Core i5 in the current 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, the difference with 7049 points is still quite clear. A 2013er-MacBook Air allows the iPad Pro but, for example, far behind.

iPad-Pro-sc iPad-Pro-mcWhen compared to the previously most powerful iPad, the iPad Air 2, is worth noting that the iPad Pro in multi-core test a higher value achieved when his little brother, who makes it to 4542 points – although the Apple A8X the iPad Air 2 three processor cores working, the Apple A9X but only two. Accordingly, the difference mainly in the single-core test is dramatic: Here reaches the iPad Pro 3233 points, the iPad Air 2 only 1831st

Also noteworthy is that the performance of the Apple A9X is consistently high – the system throttles the clock speed in performance tests only minimal, although there is no fan in the device. This is different from Apple’s iPhone in A9 6s – where Apple probably also the battery life more reserves in the eye.

Finally the GPU performance is reallly impressive: The integrated graphics chip in Apple A9X achieved Offscreen test T-Rex HD from GFXBench GL 163.4 frames per second – significantly more than the 71.6 frames the iPad Air 2 and significantly more than the current MacBook, the current MacBook Air and even the Intel Iris 5200 chips of the current 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. Even the 15-inch MacBook Pro wins in this test to “only” 134.9 frames per second.

ipad-pro-benchmark-2However, the iPad Pro works by the larger display with an even higher resolution than the iPad Air 2 – there are now proud 2732 x 2048 pixels – so that the difference in the on-screen test is no longer quite so dramatic: the iPad Pro reached 59.4 frames per second, the iPad Air 2, there are 52.8 frames per second. The iPad Pro is therefore still before the current MacBook Pro models that create 49.9 and 57.4 frames per second. The maximum value achieved in this test, the MacBook Air with 59.7 frames per second – because the device but does not have Retina Display, the GPU must be fired far fewer pixels.(Source ArsTechnica)

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