Earlier this month there was a robbery in a house of Cupertino in which an iPad prototype was stolen along with other valuables. The owner of the house where the iPad prototype understand that Apple is working, but for now the relationship with the company or if it was a past or future tablet model was not known.

Apple’s iPad continues to lead the tablet market, but in recent times has been losing ground. Yes, the foreign friends seem to still have great interest in the block devices, in this case a prototype of the iPad.

Apparently, the affected first had contact with the robbers after answering an online ad, although it is unclear purpose. And it was not until five days after the robbery in which the prototype of iPad and other valuables were taken when I made contact with the police.

According to reports from San Jose’ MercuryNews, the prototype of the iPad was one of the objects stolen during a robbery and kidnapping occurred in a house in Cupertino earlier this month. The robbers took the test pattern iPad along with other objects of electronics, drugs and cash worth $7,500.

As we just said a moment ago, the affected, a man 20 years old, they did not steal his prototype iPad and other valuables, but also was kidnapped. Fortunately, the boy was put in a car and released a mile from his home.

It appears that the police have managed to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this crime possible. Of course, they have not managed to find the prototype iPad stolen and his whereabouts are unknown.


At first the news was already mentioned that at present it is unknown whether the prototype iPad was stolen from a past model or a future model that is not yet on the market corresponded. Currently still investigating the case, since it was not until five days later when the victim called the police for what happened at his home in Cupertino.

The police have managed to recover almost all the stolen items, but the prototype iPad is still missing. Who knows if they have already sold as happened long ago when a prototype iPhone 4, which was forgotten in the bar of a bar by an Apple engineer, as recalled by CultofMac was lost.


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