iPad regains number one in customer satisfaction



For the third consecutive iPad has taken the lead on customer satisfaction , ahead of devices other leading manufacturers of tablets , including Samsung, Acer and Amazon. According to surveys JDPower and Associates, Apple device met expectations larger percentage of buyers than any other “tablet” .

According to a survey conducted from September 2013 to February 2014 among 2,513 U.S. residents , iPad users are most satisfied with a laptop computer from all different brands of tablet owners . JDPower and Associates conducts research satisfaction tablet owners using the device less than a year , for the third time .

Apple users gave a rating of 830 points, which allowed the company to take the top spot in the rankings. iPad rose to the occasion in four of the five factors , in particular, ease of use , performance, attractive design and functionality . In second place in the ranking are tablets Samsung, scored 822 points. Third with 820 points Asus , in fourth place Amazon ( 817 points ) . In  J.D. Power and Associates list,  Apple tablet rivals conceded only in regard to prices .


Apple is very proud of the fact that its tablet leads the ranking of JD Power and Associates. On the official website , touting the best quality iPad, the company cites research this marketing firm.

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