iPad wifi issues fixed


In view that its free up, many customers bitch in regards to the terrible reception of the iPad Fi, which is a disgrace for an object intended to characterize “ease” of navigation on the web!

What is reassuring is that this mystery has been solved by engineers from Princeton University, and it is by no means a connection problem in the iPad but to a “simple” software concern:

Firmware 3.2 just do not renew the DHCP lease, a process that allows you to refresh the IP address when the router is connected to the iPad. The tablet continues to use the same address when it should change, while the router is blocking it because it was considered “obsolete” … This leads, in certain circumstances, an inability to connect to the network.

The problem can be solved by a simple update in the future! Apple will probably tackle it this not in order that this problem does come more tarnish the image of her new jewelry![via TGdaily]

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